Thursday, February 26, 2015

Washing My Bob

Washing My Tapered Bob Sew-In At Home

The products used to wash my sew-in at home
With my last sew-in I shared how I was able to wash and condition it at home with a little help from YouTube. Everything turned out so well the last time, I was encouraged!! I had no doubts that I could wash this sew-in with similar results. I had no reason to think otherwise. This wash has some of the same elements as the last one, but of course it didn't turn out the same way!

Here's what happened.

After re-sewing the extensions, the next step was washing the hair. When I asked around about the best shampoo and conditioner to use for the first wash, I decided to go with the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil brand. When I used it, I thought it did a good job with washing both the extensions and my natural hair. When I finished, the extensions looked very similiar to how they looked when I initially had them installed. I expected the same from these extensions.

Since I was just trying out this new shampoo and conditioner, I only bought the sample size. I'd depleted most of the shampoo and conditioner with that first trial. Wash day usually includes two shampoos and one conditioning. I had enough conditioner left over, but there was definitely not enough shampoo for two washes this go around. What I decided to do was to use the Organix shampoo for one wash and used another shampoo I had in my product stash. Out of all the shampoo I have, I thought Herbal Essences would work better in combination with the Organix shampoo. I felt Herbal Essences would mesh better as opposed to some of the other natural hair shampoos I had in stock.

Going into this, I knew washing these extensions would be quicker and easier because this hair is much shorter, but I was completely wrong! Six weeks flew by. When I washed the hair, I could tell it had been too long because it took a long time to get a good lather for the first wash (during which I used the Organix shampoo). I rinsed out the shampoo and washed it again with the Herbal Essences shampoo. It lathered up a little better, but still not as much as I wanted it to. I moved on to condition it even though I could've washed it one more time; I didn't want to be up all night doing hair.

After I completely finished, it was time to dry it. Drying my natural hair (under the extensions) took FOREVER!! It took me a little over an hour to make sure my hair was dry. Keeping in mind that I didn't want my hair to mildew under the extensions, I withstood every single minute to make sure the hair was dry. The last time only took about 20 minutes, but I also had straight back braids. This time I have circular braids, so I'm sure that's a part of the reason it took so long.

Now, my hair is washed, conditioned, and dried!! All I had to do was flat-iron it and I'd be all set to go. My hair wouldn't itch as much, it would be revitalized, and it would look as good as new! Things just never seem to be that simple when it comes to my hair though!! Stay tuned for what happens when I flat iron this sew-in!

When washing your sew-in, do you use a shampoo to nourish your natural hair, a shampoo that cleanses the extensions, or a shampoo that does a combination of both? I'm curious to know!

P.S. - Join me in the #WashDayExperience over at Saving Our Strands!

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  1. Can't wait to see how your bob looks after you flat iron it! Do you let your hair air dry or do you sit under the hooded dryer?

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  2. I had a terrible experience with the OGX shampoo, it totally dried my extensions out and I had to take action with my Silicon Mix deep conditioning bath. Thank goodness I wear units so I let the hair sit in the mixture overnight then it was good as new. Can't wait to see your completed look!

    Kara (

  3. Nice post and I learn something. I always wonder why it took sometime for my hair to sud up when washing my hair

  4. I've been thinking about trying a sew-in now I'm scared! Lol. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yeah, I've learned that if my hair is extremely dirty it takes a little while for the suds to appear. Since this isn't exactly "my hair", I just decided to let it go. If I was washing my real hair though, I would've made sure to get a good wash with good suds to assure me that my hair was clean! Thanks for stopping by!


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