Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fine as Wine

It was a stormy Friday night on the 27th of September in 1985. Despite Hurricane Gloria making her presence known, another presence was made. This was the day God decided to bring me onto this earth! This past weekend I celebrated by 29th birthday! I wasn't excited about and I'm still not too thrilled, per se, about being 29 but let's go on and add that to the list of stories to be told at another time! :-)

I unintentionally tasked my boyfriend with doing something special for my birthday weekend. I hadn't planned anything and the only goal I had was to get 'dressed up'!

Friday night we enjoyed a comedy show at DC Improv. There was a comedic MC, two comedians and the feature comedian Bobby Lee. I don't know if you guys used to watch MADtv, but he was one of the cast members (during the Key & Peele era). All of the comedians had enough joke in them to make me laugh, so I was pleased with the night.

Each morning included breakfast. If you know me, you know I love breakfast food at any time of the day!! Most days my body can't always make it up in time to enjoy some of the breakfast places I like but I guess that's why birthdays are special. I found my signature breakfast sandwich for when I'm on the go...and of course, I had my fave...IHOP!!

The weather during the work week before my birthday had been drab. You could tell autumn was nearing by the consecutive days of 70-something degree weather. I'm a Fall baby, so this is prime time for me but I was a bit worried about what Saturday would look like. Thank goodness God saw fit to kiss my cheeks with beautiful sunshine!!

I won't share all the details of my beautiful birthday but my boyfriend is an amazing planner. Saturday included some shopping at Tanger Outlets but the highlight was some of our night time plans. I finally got to ride the new ferris wheel at the National Harbor!! We also stayed at the harbor for dinner at Bond 45, an Italian steakhouse. After having one of their steaks, our standards for steak (and asparagus and spinach) have been set pretty high! Their cookies need a little over all the food amazing!

My family and friends showered me with love and well wishes. I'm so appreciative for being a thought on people's minds...especially on a Saturday. I've always felt like my birthday was one of the best days of my year and people who help make it even more special have a special spot in my life for that year!! It kind of helps me put into perspective my relationships with people but not to the point where you have no place if I didn't hear from you. I know things come up and people get busy, etc. etc. etc...but I appreciate being thought of! Who doesn't?! So thank you for all the Google+ messages, emails, text messages, FB messages, IG comments, twitter shoutouts, and anything else I might have forgotten!! You all are the BEST!!

Also a great big muah to my babe!!
He made my #29andfineaswine birthday a success
He def makes my heart smile :-)

P.S. Don't forget to come back tomorrow!!

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  1. Happy BLated and enjoy all that celebrating. . .

  2. Happy Belated!! Fellow Libra :)! 9/25 was mine I am grateful for every year regardless of number its just a number 😃😉

  3. Happy Birthday hun :) Glad you had a good time! My hubby is pretty good too, last year we flew to Montreal for dinner and to see Cirque Du Solei which I always wanted to see. The year before we went on a Caribbean cruise and he got the band to serenade me lol. I usually have an entire birthday month, dinners with different groups of friends and family all month. My b-day is on Christmas Eve so I really milk it LOL.

  4. So glad you had an awesome day!!

  5. Happy Belated birthday, sounds like a good day for you! Many more!


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