Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exercise Update #3

How has my workout changed?

I was reading some of my posts and thinking to myself, "Mionna! Why are you so wordy?!" So, this post won't be long at all!

My updates for this month
(last month's update):
  • squats w/ bar: 215 pounds, 1 time
  • walking front lunges: 95 pounds, 12 times
  • standing side leg raises: 30 pounds, 15 times
  • side lunges: 25 pounds, 15 times
  • back lunges: 50 pounds, 15 times
As you can see, I've been doing some work. I haven't been to a gym in a while, but I'm still making my squat rack work for me. 

I know my next couple of updates will be a little light because the holidays are coming up and I'll be doing a lot of traveling. This is the time of year when I wouldn't be surprised if most people's workouts get a little light when they should be the heaviest! LOL. However, I'm going to keep myself motivated!!

What are some things you do to keep yourself motivated?!

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  1. Hey wordy can be good, I'm a total yapper sometimes lol nice routine.

  2. I thought I left a comment but I don't know if it went through. It basically said that you were doing so well with your workout routine and that I am very impressed. I like cardio and I don't mind working out so much but I don't like lifting weights, I barely like carrying my own shopping bags or any heavy lifting for that matter but I know it is essential to weight loss.

  3. I commend you. I just cannot motivate myself to workout like I should.


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