Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October '13 Length Check

21 Months Natural

I finally made it home to my cosmetologist and I was overjoyed!! I'd been having issues with shedding and I wasn't happy with having to do my own hair. I want to learn the skills to be able to "tap into the versatility of my natural hair" so I've just been in an awkward place. I went in for a trim, so this length check will be after the trim. Let's see what happened at the salon.

June 18 (picture on the left) 72 weeks natural, (1 year 6 months)
 31 weeks since the BC (~8 months)

October 18 (picture on the right) = 89 weeks natural (a little over 1 year 9 months),
48 weeks since the BC (~almost a year)

You can definitely see the growth over the 4 month period. It's small, but it's there. During September's length check I talked about a few things.

I desperately needed a trim! I must say, however, I forgot to mention all the shedding I'd been doing and had attributed it to dead ends. I see now, that wasn't the problem because my hair is still shedding a lot. My goal for this month is to talk with my cosmetologist to see what she says/recommends about it.

In regards to my feelings of needing a salon. I still feel that way. I truly wish I could bring my cosmetologist to any part of the DMV! But she's not here, so here's what I've decided to do about my hair. I will not heat train my hair, but I will wear my hair straight for the majority of the winter. I feel comfortable with straight hair. It's quicker and easier to maintain all the way around, so I'm hoping to have success with that. I've already straightened it once since coming back from home so be on the lookout for that blog post soon!! 

My hair looked great after this salon visit. The downfall was that it rained the whole weekend I was home!! My hair stayed straight for about 0.2 seconds and began to gradually poof out for the rest of that afternoon into the night. See what I'm talking about: 

Natural hair and humidity just don't mix...either way you wear it; straight or curly!! I ended up wearing my hair like this (--->) for most of my trip home AND even once I returned back to DC:

That wasn't the goal, but that's what happened. So, since I wasn't able to relish in the straight, 'flowiness' of my straightened hair this visit...I plan to try my best to get the straight, 'flowy' effect at home on my own. This can't be that hard. People do it every day.

Let's just see if that works!
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  1. Your hair looks great! I am planning on flat ironing mine this weekend because the curls are just too hard to deal with right now and I want a change. It takes me more than an hour to flat iron it and it has reached tail bone length so I am not looking forward to all that work. I will probably be doing a post on some growing tips soon :)

    1. Thanks so much Erica!! I think flat ironing is a great getaway from the curls. Like I say in the post, I can handle straight hair with my eyes closed! The bad part is, when my hair loses the curls, I want to grab for the flat iron again to "bend the ends"...but I also know that too much heat can destroy the curl pattern...so finding that balance is tough for me. Since I just straightened at home for the first time since going natural, the process took an extremely long time (compared to how long it takes in the salon). So I can feel your pain!!

      Thanks for keeping up with me during this spotty time :-)!


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