Sunday, September 1, 2013

August '13 Length Check

Here we are at the end of August and time is truly flying by.
It's SEPTEMBER...which means it's my birthday month!! So I'm super excited!!
But now, it's time for my August length check, so let's get into it!!

July 30 = 78 weeks natural (1 year 6.5 months),
37 weeks since the BC (~9 months)


Sept 1 = 83 weeks natural (~1 year 8 months),
42 weeks since the BC (~10.5 months)

The day after look
I had to leave my salon behind after the transition I just made. Before I left I had a conversation with my cosmetologist about salons to go to in DC. She told me that she referred two people to two different salons in the area and both salons ended up messing up the girls' hair!! I'm skeptical about natural hair salons/natural hair stylist anyway!! Before going to the salon I just left, I definitely checked out the type of work they did before deciding that's where I would go. Before getting my hair straightened for the first time, I DEFINITELY saw them do this process to other ladies before agreeing to get it done. You see how long I've been on this journey; that's a long time to have it all be taken away in a matter of seconds by sitting in the wrong person's chair (to get my hair done). So, after I've scoped the scene here I might give it a whirl but for now I'm back to doing my own hair!

So far, I've done a good enough job with it. I washed and conditioned it when my two weeks was up (even though that fell on the weekend I moved). I also twisted and set it. I was going to sit under the dryer (like I do at the salon) but I absolutely HATE dryers. I let it air dry instead and hoped it would be something I could at least work with and it turned out beautifully.

The week after look.
Welcome to Shrink/Frizz City!
One thing I have to learn how to deal with is this moisture in the air. Since I get to work while there's still dew in the air and I have to walk a bit to get into the building, I have to deal with the shrinkage and frizz issues. By the end of first week, my hair looked completely different than it did at the beginning of the week. People seem to compliment me more after my hair has frizzed and shrunken down some, but I just don't like that look. So the plan for week two is to try different styles that have my hair pulled down and/or back.

Other than that, I don't really feel like my hair is growing. The only time I can tell my hair has grown is when I do the length checks, but looking at it everyday makes it harder to see the changes.
I also feel like my ends are in desperate need of a trim. I feel like I may not be detangling my hair correctly because I do get a bit frustrated and will begin to just brush the heck out of it, especially when I've been detangling for what feels like forever. 
I need to figure out which I like better for detangling: brushing or combing. I also need to figure out some products that I can use on a daily or almost daily basis to help control some of the frizz.
I need to find more styles to use. The fro gets old and I don't always have the time to do some of the other styles I can do!

So I'm reaching out to you guys. What are some styles you use for work? What are some of the daily products you use on your hair? And, when you detangle, do you brush or comb your hair??

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  1. First off, your hair looks amazing!

    As for work styles: I like styling my two-strand twists either in buns or rolls. That way I can get the best of both world - when I don't want to pin up the twists, I can rock a twist out the last week. If I start out immediately with a twist out, then I do the opposite and pin up the twist out for the second week.

    Lately since I'm still not wearing my ends out due to the hot weather, I've been wearing a faux bun and bang. I got the idea from this makeup video (the style is shown near the end) -


    p.s. I can comment now. :-)

    1. Well, I can say that I've tried wearing twists out one time. There's just something about twists that make me uncomfortable with wearing them out. It might be the length factor, but I can always give a try!! 2 things about that video...maybe it's just me but she put on GLOBS of makeup. I don't wear makeup at all but to watch her put on so much was just!! I know that's not why you suggested that video, but I just had to say that. #2 - I like that faux bun thing. I've seen that tutorial before and maybe instead of just watching, I should actually do some of the things I've seen!!

      Thanks Libby!!!

  2. your "She"! (your hair!)

    1. Thank you my dear!! I'm starting to explore it a lot more these I'm really trying my best to embrace it!

  3. Love your hair and it's definitely still growing! I've been wearing sew-ins and wigs this summer but as Libby mentioned above, you can do so much with two strand twists. And I always gain inspiration from YouTube! I'm feeling you on the hairstylist, I haven't been to one since my big chop, over 2 years ago. Maybe I can go to your old one ;)!!!

    1. Thanks Tasha! I would love to get a sew in and I've actually thought about that too since the move. There are so many options that I would like to explore and I guess now's the time!! I would definitely suggest going to my cosmetologist...she's very busy but really good and can work wonders!!!


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