Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First Things First

Hey guys!! You know how much I love these things, so I won't even get into it today!! So, I'm linking up today for First Things First!
First beverage of choice: This is a no brainer!! My first beverage of choice is ALWAYS Mountain Dew and no Mello Yello will not suffice. I love this soda and drink at least once a day. I haven’t always liked Mt. Dew like that and I can’t really pinpoint when I did start liking it that much, but now that I do it’s engrained. I know soda is bad for your body…and I know that Mountain Dew is the worst of all sodas (blah, blah, blah)…but I usually try to treat myself with one every night at supper time (I don’t actually say supper…but I think it’s hilarious, so I wanted to use it).  Now that I’m fasting for Easter (no soda, fried foods, sweets, or junk food), I don’t drink my soda at night...and my body knows it! I’ll be cooking dinner and my taste buds  will be revving up for Mt. Dew getting ready. If you read my post here you’d know about my grocery shopping escapade. During that escapade, I decided to drink outside of the Mt. Dew box. I got a box of Pepsi and Fanta (Orange). I didn’t really enjoy the Pepsi too much and there are actually about 2 or 3 cans of it left. I have, however, gotten on the Fanta train. We’ll see how far this Fantasea goes! LOLOL…I crack myself up :-)

First breakfast of choice: Since this is "of choice" I will give my ideal breakfast (that I never have time to eat!). My breakfast of choice would be Ihop's Pick-A-Pancake Combo with Strawberry Pancakes, either bacon or ham, hash browns, and shelled eggs scrambled. I love IHOP's breakfast. My best friend Nicole does too. Every time we get together we go there...except for recently. I've had a little bout with eggs, so I've tried to steer clear of them. I'm slowly working my way back to a place where I'm in love with them again! Eggs are my absolute favorite breakfast food!!

First dessert of choice: Since I don't really eat desserts, per se, I don't really have a preference. Whenever I get a taste for something sweet, I make a run to Krispy Kreme!! Who doesn't love doughnuts?? The last few times I've gone to Krispy Kreme, the Hot Now sign wasn't on, but that didn't stop me!! I think I got a dozen doughnuts each time. The last time I went, I was trying to hide them from CB, but he surprised me and ending up catching me with the doughnuts anyway. He didn't know that (but he does now ;-)! Other than that, I recently went to this local restaurant and had warm apple pie a la mode. It was the most delicious thing I'd ever tasted. It almost knocked me off my feet...but I was sitting down, so I was good! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this visit!

IOh, btw, what are your first drink, breakfast, and dessert of choice?? I'm curious to know!

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  1. Replies
    1. I don't see how people can't like Mountain Dew! I wish I could have one right now!!

  2. Mmmm...donuts are soo stinking yummy! And pancakes are some of my very favorite things, ever. :) Glad you joined in and linked up with us today!

    1. Thanks for checking me out!! I also wish I could have some doughnuts right now!! The weekend won't come fast enough!

  3. Oh my! I'm suppose to be eating clean, but those donuts look yummy. Thank goodness the Krispy Kreme is too far away for me to get to or else all my hard work would be undone!

    Happy to follow you back my dear. Looking forward to reading some good things from you :)

    1. That's the same reason I don't eat doughnuts more than I do!! Way too far to drive! *smiley*

  4. "Fanta Sea" hahaha HILARIOUS!
    Found your blog through the blog hop1
    I am your newest follower :)

    1. LOL..right!! I saw that quote on Instagram one day and fell out laughing! Thanks for visiting my blog and following, I will definitely return the favor!


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