Saturday, February 2, 2013

Length Check 2

1 Year Natural

My Naturalversay was Wednesday. I decided to do a length check on my Naturalversary because I feel it's a good reference point. From this day on out, I will do them monthly.

January 14, 2013  =  50 weeks natural, 8 weeks and 6 days since the big chop


January 30 = 1 year natural, 11 weeks since the BC

As you can see, there were only 15 days between these two pictures, but so much growth. My fingers went from being right up under my nose to being right around my mouth. I had a protective style in for about a week and I've been doing better with setting my hair before bed each night. I think keeping my hair, mainly the ends, moisturized also helps prevent breaking. I'm working on drinking more water each day too, but that's become a feat in itself!!

Yay for growth during length checks!!


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    1. Thanks!! I hope it continues to grow fast b/c I'm definitely looking for that hang time! *smiley*


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