Monday, February 19, 2018

Why Do Length Checks?

Every naturalista has at least heard of length checks if they haven't participated in a couple themselves. Let's dive into a few reasons about why people even care about length checks.

Why do people with natural hair do length checks?

What are Length Checks?

A first length checked compared to a 4 year length checkLength checks usually start as soon as you big chop! You pull your natural hair down in different spots and take picture after picture. A few weeks or months later, you do the same thing and you compare the pictures to see how much your hair has grown over time. There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing length checks. There are actually several benefits.

Hair Growth

The main reason you do length checks are to see how much your hair has grown. Hair grows at an average rate of 0.44 mm per day or half an inch per month. We see our hair every day so it's easy to feel as if it hasn't changed or grown much at those rates. Doing length check comparisons are like little progress reports or report cards, which leads me to the next point.

Hair Health

Length checks aren't just for length but for health Doing length checks allows you to see the progress your hair is making OR NOT making! People give length checks a lot of slack because they think the only purpose of the checks is to see how long your hair is getting. They think people use the checks as a way to show off or compare their hair to what other naturalistas are doing with their hair. While a lot of the reason you do length checks are to see how long your hair is getting, you also need to be aware of the progress your hair isn't making. If you do a couple of checks and don't see progress, it's probably time to visit a professional!

Hair Fun!!

Going natural is a process. You go through many stages as a naturalista, but the best stage is when you're able to have fun with your hair and make the journey, your own! You can do many things with your hair, it's YOUR hair. If you want to do length checks, do length checks!

Have fun with your hair!

The natural hair journey is different for everyone. Make length checks your own! You can completely have fun with them and use the information to your benefit at the very same time! Either way, continue to enjoy your hair in the ways that make you happiest!

What do you think about length checks?

I wrote this post as a guest blogger on another site a few years ago. That website has since been discontinued.
I decided to update it and share it here because it's valuable information! ~Mi

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