Sunday, September 4, 2016

Have You Ever Planned A Wedding?!

...and where I am!

Filter of a wedding veilIf you didn't catch this post or you don't follow me on social media, then you're unaware of what's been going on. It's been about a month since my last blog post and I'm starting to realize that I'm not able to be here like I was pre-wedding planning. The want to write more blog posts than I've written during the last couple of months is there, but the time isn't. I have to be honest with myself.

I'm smack dab in the middle of planning my (and my fiance's) wedding! I haven't shared many details here, or anywhere for that matter, but I plan to share a few things once our special day has passed and I'm looking more like the Joanne in the picture on the right!

Joanne was stressed, but now she isn't

Gift from a coworkerAlthough the majority of my time is devoted to planning our wedding, we're sharing some pretty exciting times with our family and friends as well. So to make up for my lack of blogging, I'm super active on Instagram. Follow me there to keep up with me, my natural hair, and my life with natural hair!

I will be back! Until then I plan to share our wedding website with you once it's up and running. I miss being here more than you could know but life happens, right?! Pieces of advice are always helpful; advice about time management, wedding planning, balancing life while wedding planning, etc.!

What's some advice you'd give at this very important milestone? 

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