Monday, March 7, 2016

Green Smoothie Cleanse Check-In

Am I Making Progress?

It's day five... well, actually today marks day eight...but I'm sure you're curious about what's going on with my cleanse. So, let me tell you.

The halfway mark on my green smoothie cleanse

I've kept copious notes about my journey and will be sharing everything I learned up to day five of this journey. So much has been going on and if you're interested in doing this cleanse, you may as well know the real!


The easiest way to show progress is to share pictures and measurements, right? I'm only going to give you a tease because I don't want to ruin my final results reveal. Monday, Feb. 29, was day one. My starting weight was 157.6 pounds. My day five weight was 152.8 poundsThis averages out to me loosing roughly a pound a day! 

I'm doing the modified version, so I'm not losing as much weight as my coworkers, but that was my plan. The weight loss I've had is considerable progress considering that my weight fluctuated between 157 and 155 before the cleanse.

Hiccups & Side Effects

This process is definitely more mental than anything else. The whole purpose of eating is to sustain life. The fact that food tastes good is something that has evolved over time. The smoothies sustain me. If I drink the smoothies like I'm supposed to and snack when I get the urge, there is no point in the day when I can say that I'm starving. However, the mental pull is STRONG!

I've had cravings for things I normally eat: soda, fried foods (french fries & chicken), pizza, and chocolate fudge cookies. I've had cravings for things I don't normally eat: plain potato chips, Ramen noodles, sausage, and bacon. The cravings are usually triggered by one of my other senses. I have coworkers who bring hot bacon for breakfast and fried chicken for lunch (smell). We had a warm day in the city so smells from restaurants traveled far and wide. The vending machine has chips (sight). I mean, there's food everywhere you turn!

I had a headache for the first three days of the cleanse. Hello! My name is Mionna. I'm an avid soda drinker! Lol. I drink at least one can of soda every day. I can't remember a day when I intentionally did not drink soda. So, I chalked the headaches up to caffeine withdrawal.

I have a 'thing' about eating the same things over and over. Around day 3, I got to a point where I didn't want to drink the two smoothies I was supposed to drink because I just didn't want it. The smoothies are tasty, so that's not a factor. I'm having better luck with these protein smoothies than I've had with other protein shakes. However, I'm drinking between 12 and 16 ounces of smoothie PER smoothie. That's a lot folks! So, I find myself snacking more or letting myself be more hungry just for the sake of not wanting to drink the smoothie.

I'm not hydrating like I should. I was drinking five bottles of water per day before the cleanse. Since I'm drinking so many liquids now (smoothie and detox tea) that cancels out some of the water drinking for me. I want to push myself to do better during the home stretch.

Final Thoughts

I get excited every morning before weighing myself. My body is changing every day and I can't wait to share more details with you. Including today, there are three more days to go. The only thing keeping me going is this final reveal! I want to be able to say, "I've been as true to the model as possible and these are my results."

Come back next week to see my final results from the cleanse! 

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