Monday, February 22, 2016

February '16 Hair Check

NOT a Length Check

I took out my vacation crochet braids recently and felt now would be the right time for a hair check. It's not a length check, but a check to see how my hair now compares to my hair before the two sets of crochet braids.

The style of choice I'm using is my wash and go. This was the last style I was wearing before my first set of crochet braids, so I thought it would be fitting for a comparison! If we look at my before and after pictures, there's two things you notice:

September 2015 vs. February 2016

1. You notice the length. 

Of course you notice that my hair has grown. We learned that in my December length check. However, everyone who's been rocking with me from the start knows what this means to me! I used to holler for hang time quite often. My hair made that almost impossible because shrinkage and my hair are super best friends, best friends 'til the end, BFFs! So, I let it go. I knew I would just have to embrace my hair and let it be who it is! A whole four years later, and I got wash and go hang time! What's four years? :-)

In one post, I talked about some of the things I noticed while wearing my protective style and, in another post, I talked about some things I wanted to put in place to help my hair be better.  I've put those things in place, but it'll take a few months before I'll be able to determine if the they're actually helping. So, in the meantime, I'm going to continue to handle my hair with care, continue to use my staple products, and try not to over manipulate or over style my hair.

2. You notice the improvement of my wash and go technique.

No, this isn't a post about my wash and go technique, but you can't help but notice the technique has improved! I continue to wash my hair in sections. This makes detangling easier and helps with distributing products throughout my hair. I continue to use the LCO method and I apply all products to soaking wet hair. This helps my hair mold and take on the style better than it does when it's damp. It takes my hair forever to dry, since it's soaking wet, but I'll take that if the results continue to look like this!

Overall, my hair is doing what it's made to do... it's growing! It's still winter, but I'm taking a break from my winter protective style. I've adopted the crochet braids as my protective style of choice for future vacations. They're so easy....easy to get, keep up, and pack for on trips! Moving forward, it's up to me to keep my hair as healthy as I possibly can!

It's February! Where are you with your hair goals for the year?

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