Tuesday, January 19, 2016

December '15 Length Check

47 Months Natural

It's been a whole half of a year since my last length check. I know I said I'd go longer amounts of time between length checks but I certainly didn't mean 6 months! Nevertheless, I'm here to dish deets about my hair and what's been going on since my last length check.

So, let's jump right on into the December length check!


First, we have the side by side:

June 21 = 177 weeks natural (3 years, 2 months)

Comparing my December 2015 and June 2015 length checks

Dec 17 = 203 weeks natural (3 years, 11 months)

Over this period of time I've had protective styles, trims, treatments etc. We can see from the picture that my hair has only grown one inch in six months. (If you could see my face right now). What's going on?

Point #1

For starters, shortly after going natural, I moved and left the salon that had my hair flourishing! I'm not really the best with doing hair and I don't trust myself fully with the care I'm providing to my hair. For this reason, I've been trying to find a salon that could at least come in second place to where I was going in NC. I have not been able to do that. I've tried a few places, and they're not bad, but my nostalgia for my last cosmetologist makes it hard for me to find someone to match her skills.

Point #2

I told my hair story here. My hair seems to go through this cycle where it grows well and then it stops growing so well. Now it seems to be thinning out. It's getting longer, but this last time it was straightened, it seemed thinner. Everybody tried to tell me they didn't see what I was talking about, but I know my hair. The stylist did a really hard press AND put oil on my hair, which is a big no-no because it weighs the hair down. So taking those things into account, maybe the thin appearance of my hair can be attributed to the those reasons.

4 years natural

If my hair were thinning out, I wouldn't be surprised because thin hair runs in my family. I was hoping to avoid it by going natural, but maybe it's unavoidable.


From this length check I'm going to make a homework assignment. I'm going to further research essential oils. I want to try one or two this year to see if there's some method to the madness. This may be something that could work for my hair, but I'll have to try it to know!

Take Home Thought

I'm excited my hair is growing, but my goal is healthy hair. I have to remain committed to that!

Have you tried any essential oils? Which are your favorite oils?

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