Sunday, September 27, 2015

Today I Turn 30

Three Decades

Guess what y'all?!

I've approached writing this post several times over the past month. I can be really wordy, as I'm sure you know if you follow me on a consistent basis, but I didn't want to do that today.

I want to acknowledge myself as I enter this new decade of life, a different decade. As this day approached I took stock of myself and my life and realized the great space I'm in at this moment in time. There aren't many people who have this opportunity that's been presented before me, so I must embrace it!

There are many things I've yet to accomplish, but there are also many things I have accomplished and for that I'm grateful. I've given myself an opportunity to do many things without burden. I've found a place of peace with life situations. I've grown into myself and I love me, unapologetically.

I'm a great woman and I know these next decades of life will be unequivocally amazing! I'm growing each and every day, maturing as a person, and learning life lessons. Now, enough about me already!!

But first, I'm 30. I want to live in 30 and by happy with it and my amazing self!
Ready, set, go....

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