Monday, August 3, 2015

A Protective Style

Literally The Letter "A" Protective Style

I remember when Facebook first came out. It was only for college students and it was a social network. I guess you can still say that about it, but for me, I use it as a helpful source of information. Recently, I was doing my normal perusing and came across a video. A Facebook friend had shared a video of someone doing a protective style that looked simple enough for me to do. Like I usually do, I saved the link and kept it moving. Unlike I usually do, I actually went back to this video and decided to put it to use.

ABC Protective Style Series

In my recent length check post, I lamented about the lack of progress my hair has been making. Since then my thinking about my hair's health has gotten worse (thank goodness I'll be in a salon chair tomorrow!!!!) but that's a story soon to come. SO, in that post's comments I shared this video:

from Naturally Michy! This gem has given me hope! For the majority of my natural hair life, I've worn my hair out. I've never really liked wearing protective styles. When I was seeing my cosmetologist, she could make protective styles I actually liked, so I wore more of them. Since moving, I haven't had luck with finding a stylist that can match her work and I'm definitely not a hairstylists, so I can only do but so much with my hair.

The Aariyana Style and Technique

A few nights after watching this video, I was in need of a hairstyle for work. This video popped into my head so I watched it once more and was confident about recreating it. This style is simple yet intricate. Naturally Michy really broke down the steps to make the style manageable, so I tried it!

A combination of a two strand twist and flat twist protective hairstyle for natural hair.

I took an old twist out and had to detangle the parts of hair I was going to twist. I used my heavy moisturizer (ORS Hair Lotion) and gel (Dark & Lovely Twist Gel N'Butter) on those pieces of hair to make sure the twists wouldn't get frizzy over time. I also made sure to put argan oil on the ends of my twists to further protect them before tucking them into my hair. I moisturized the hair that wasn't being twisted and put oil on those ends before tucking as well. In total, this style took about 10 minutes to complete! Easy peasy!!

Will I Use This Again??

Of course I will! I plan on using this particular style again in addition to trying some of the other styles on my own and in the salon.  The thought to do more protective styles on my hair never dawned on me until I read your comments on my length check post. It was like a super duh moment for me. This is part of the reason I'm so grateful for my readers!!

You, my readers, are truly in this with me. You keep me encouraged to move forward with this natural hair thing. I love hearing your stories, reading your advice, and trying some of the things you recommend. You all don't know how much your input means to me!!

So, if you're looking for some style ideas, definitely check out this YouTube channel! Thanks again Naturally Michy for being so receiving and encouraging!! I look forward to following you for more inspiration!!

Does this style look simple enough for you to try at home??

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