Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Last Step

Flat Ironing My Bob

Now let me share this with you.

I washed and conditioned my hair with little to no trouble. It didn't lather up as much as I wanted, but I feel I was able to get it clean enough to last a few weeks. I dried it and it took longer than expected, but I was able to get both my roots and the extensions all dry. Now, my hair was ready to be flat-ironed.

Before I started flat-ironing my hair, I was worried that the prolonged drying for my roots may have dried out the extensions a bit. As I was blow drying I could feel how stiff the hair was, but for some reason I was convinced that flat-ironing would get it back to it's silky state!

I flat ironed my hair just as I did with my previous sew-in. I know I keep comparing this sew-in and wash to my last sew-in and wash, but why wouldn't I expect the results to be the same?!

I flat ironed the extensions in about 20 minutes. There was minimal trouble with this part. I know how to flat iron hair! There were a few conclusions I'd come to when all this was done:
1. The part of my extensions that gave me the most trouble was the closure. I was trying to flat iron it and get it to lay as it did before. I didn't want the closure to stick out. I wanted it to blend in with the rest of the extensions so it wouldn't look fake. I did the best I could, and the closure laid down more and more as I wrapped it each night.
2. You can tell my hair has grown since the installation because, like a receding hairline, the closure is slowly moving towards the back of my head. There's nothing wrong with this, it's actually a good thing, but it is something I noticed. More of my hair is out around the edges so now I'm able to moisturize that hair and top that off with a little oil.
3. When I finished flat ironing the extensions they were a little frizzy. Small hairs were sticking out all over my head with a concentration at the crown of my head. I didn't like it one bit! What I ended up doing was using a combination of different moisturizers, gels, and oils to get those hairs to lie flat. When this didn't work, I just pulled out the stray hairs.

The last straw was all the frizz. I do think the extensions were a bit fried because the silkiness did not return after flat ironing. I can brush my hair in one minute, turn my head, and in the next minute have the hair look like it hadn't been combed in weeks. It's to the point where I have to brush the hair way too often. I'm more of a "tame hair" kinda girl, so this crazy look is just not working for me. Of course people tell me the hair looks fine, but I don't think so. Of course you can't tell from the pictures, but trust doesn't look good.

So, it's coming out!! I wanted to go 12 weeks. It's only been 9 weeks, so I feel like I've failed! I know I haven't because my hair has grown regardless. That was my ultimate goal.

I have a hair appointment scheduled. Be on the look out for a length check in the very near future.

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  1. I have so much experience with weave installs because I've been doing them since high school and not to totally date myself but it's been over 10 years. Having said that, it sounds like it's the hair type that is making it "weird" after the wash. I've had that happen before, but found hair that doesn't do that and I stick with that now and use the other type when I don't plan to keep the sewin that long (meaning no wash). It looks great though especially for 9weeks!

  2. Your hair looks great!! I've been contemplating on whether I want to to give myself another sew-in or not. I'm thinking lol


  3. I like the bob looks cute on you! It's been years since I had a sew-in, but I remember the issues with washing it, and trying to achieve the original look/feel of the hair.

  4. Thanks Christina!!
    (Sorry for the delay! I usually comment using email addresses, but for those who I can't find email addresses for, I comment here. My comments weren't letting me reply so I've installed Disqus! I hope this comment gets to you!)


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