Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December '14 Length Check

Length Check at 33 Months Natural

I made a length check shirt in April but because of so many reasons (to include a hair cut) I never got around to using the shirt. I'm doing this length check as a fresh start, since I recently had my sew-in taken out.

I used these pictures in my last hair post to show how much length I'd retained with the sew-in despite the TRAUMA I experienced while taking it out!

July 9 = 127 weeks natural (2 years, 5 months, 9 days)
86 weeks since the BC (1 year, 7 months, 26 days)

November 5 = 144 weeks natural (2 years, 9 months, 4 days)
103 weeks since the BC (1 year, 11 months, 26 days...almost 2 years)

Of course I'm furious about all the hair issues I've had this year, it looks like I'm finally back on the right track. It's literally been a year of dealing with hair nonsense, trying to get it back to normal. The thing is, I still haven't found a cosmetologist here that I think could lead me down the road of healthy length. I recently changed my work schedule to allow for some flex time to try out natural hair salons in the area. It's imperative for me to find a professional:

1. with natural hair knowledge. I need somebody who knows about not only hair, but natural hair. I want somebody who's been around hair for a good chunk of their life and who's been trained and groomed to do this! It's helpful, for me, to ask questions and have them answered. But somebody who really knows what they're doing can follow up those answers with the scientific reasons for why the answer I was given is the answer. (That might sound ridiculous, but the cosmetologist I left could do that!!)

2. who can provide style versatility. I love my hair and there are a lot of styles I can rock, that I like. I don't want to be confined only to natural hair styles nor do I to be confined only to straight hair styles. I need a little bit of both and I need somebody that can do that for me.

This year has proven to me that I cannot continue down this natural hair journey alone! My natural hair journey is like bowling. I can get a strike (healthy length) but I need the bumpers (a good cosmetologist)!!

I mentioned taking Hairfinity in my last hair post. I started taking it about a week after getting my sew-in. I've had significant growth but I can't attribute all the growth to the sew-in nor can I attribute all of it to the pills. It's imperative for me to do some checking, so I can know what's working for me and what's not. I took a picture of my hair with the length check shirt and I'm putting it here so I can compare this with the next length check picture I take.

Unfortunately, I ran out of pills over the Thanksgiving holiday which threw me off track. When I finally reordered the pills, it took them a whole week to get to me. I got used to not taking them, I kept forgetting I had them, so I kept forgetting to take them! Since I haven't been taking the pills regularly December's numbers won't be accurate. My Naturalversary is in January, so that's probably when I'll be able to give a more accurate reading.

Also, I've got a plan in place for my next sew-in. I know what salon I want to go to. I know and trust the work of the person I want to do my sew-in and I know what kind of hair I'll be getting. I hope to make it to the end of January so I can do one length check before I get my hair sewn up again, but this sew-in is happening...either in January or February, so stay tuned!!

I experienced a lot of growth over four months.
Was it the sew-in? Was it Hairfinity? Was it a combination of both??
The world may never know! LOL
I have not been paid for this post nor is it sponsored by Hairfinity. These thoughts are totally my own...unpaid and honest!

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  1. I'm interested to know more about how the Hairfinity pills are working out for you. I've considered ordering a bottle for myself but I want to read reviews written by Black women who are not being paid to talk about the pills - not celebrities.



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