Friday, August 8, 2014

A Special Request

If you read this post then you'll remember Lindsay and her son Jeremiah. Today, I'm here again to pass along some great information!! Jeremiah has autism but has been making great strides thanks to the hard work and dedication his family and loved ones (especially his parents) are investing into his life. He's recently been accepted into The Mariposa School for Children with Autism, which is the best autism school in their area!

Yay Jeremiah!!

The Byrd family is campaigning to raise money to send Jeremiah to school! Since early intervention is the key to his greatest success in his life, their goal is to raise his tuition of $30,000 for the school year. If we can get 1500 people within our network of family, friends and community committed to giving just $20 they can easily reach their goal! Each person that donates to the campaign by next Friday, 08/15/14, will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gas card!!!

Visit either of the following fundraising websites to make your contribution:

Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated! You can also help spread the word about our campaign by directing individuals within your network to our fundraising websites and using the hastags #autismfund and #1500give20 whenever you post about our cause.

Let's make a difference for Jeremiah!!

Also, visit Lindsay, Jeremiah and their family any time at:

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  1. good luck to your sweet friend. happy to hear he is making strides. my brother has high functioning autism. they said he would not make it past 3rd grade, but he did, graduated high school with a dual diploma, 2 AA degrees, and is a Senior at the University as a Finance major. Things happen. Keep working with him!


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