Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy President's Day

Well today is President's Day guys! I'm aware that not everyone has today off, but I do and my blog takes breaks when I take breaks!


Seriously though, I decided to go home to NC and check on my family this weekend. I've been spending time with them and  having a good time doing it. I wanted to post on my regular post day so you guys wouldn't think I forgot about you!

President's Day is a federal holiday honoring George Washington's birthday. It's usually reserved for the third Monday is February. I don't recall having President's day off at my last job, but I'll take any day off I can get. I needed to come home without having to take time off of work, so this worked out for me. We had a snow day Thursday, a two hour delay Friday, then I had to make a five hour drive home, and I have to make that same five hour drive back today!! Hopefully there won't be many people on the road. Hopefully I'll be all rested up and I'll have a post for you on Wednesday!!

Enjoy your day guys!!

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