Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Thanksgiving, Part 2

There are about three things people usually equate with Thanksgiving: good food, spending time with family, and football! Since I wasn't able to go home, spending time with family was out of the question. I managed to cook a decent Thanksgiving dinner even though it wasn't touching my mom's cooking. So let's talk about this third thing - FOOTBALL!

I've never really gotten into professional sports; there's no connection there for me. I've been a Tar Heel fan but I didn't start following them until I went to school there. There was a connection because that was MY school. I also prefer (college) basketball over football because it moves a little quicker. Football games can last as long as four hours...WHY?!?!?! Lol.

With all that said, I wouldn't call myself a football fan, per se, but my boyfriend is the true definition of a fan. His football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. That's been his favorite football team since he was a child. He's die hard for that team. He sticks with them whether they're doing good or not so good. So, in essence, I'm a Steelers fan too :-)! I might not be die hard, but I follow them. I'll watch for a little bit if their game is on TV and I'm always rooting for them to win.

The Steelers had a Thanksgiving game this year. A few weeks before I just so happened to come across some tickets for this game. It was the Steelers vs. the Baltimore Ravens. I figured what a great way to celebrate this holiday since we won't be home!! Baltimore is only about 30 minutes from here so it wasn't far to travel. The downside, however, was going to be the weather!! I didn't think to look at what time the game started because I assumed it would be during the day. The game didn't start until 8:30 PM, so it was going to be COLD! That late start was also a bummer because I had to work Friday meaning I would probably get little sleep before work the next day!

Despite the weather and late start time, I was very excited!!! This was my first NFL game and I was happy we were getting a chance to see the Steelers play!! I thought this would be the perfect way to cap the Thanksgiving night off! The Steelers had won the last three games before this one so I was praying for a continued winning streak!! My boyfriend and I got our Steelers gear ready; we threw on layers and layers and layers of clothing; we got our blanket ready (even though we forget to bring it); and we headed to the game.

Yes, this is a pic of the this was a cool GIF
We got there early enough to take some awesome pictures but late enough so that we weren't too cold by the time the game started. I must say that the Ravens fans were very tasteful in showing their disgust for us (in our Steelers gear). We got a few boos here and there but for the most part they were very nice. No bottles were thrown our way and we didn't have to mace anybody...LOL!!

Unfortunately the Steelers lost the game :-( but we will continue to support them. I think this gives us a reason to keep going to Steelers football games until they win one for us! I enjoyed Thanksgiving and I pray that God continue to bless me with the ability to enjoy more activities like this one with the ones I love!!

The city of Baltimore - stadium view

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  1. I've never been to a game before - I guess our equivalent would be football/soccer, american football isn't very popular over here. I would love to go to one though, I bet the atmosphere is great!

    Corinne x

    1. Even though I was amongst Ravens fans the atmosphere was still very exciting. If you can, go to a game!! I think you would enjoy!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love football! The Steelers is a favorite team of mine. :)


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