Monday, December 2, 2013

My Thanksgiving, Part 1

I always seem to start new jobs right before Thanksgiving and Christmas, which usually means no time off! I was unable to go home this Thanksgiving so do you know what that meant for me? I'm sure you don't, but it means that I had to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner for the first time ever this year.

Sure, I've participated in cooking before by contributing a dish or two...or maybe it was only one dish...LOL. I have good reason for why I don't cook for Thanksgiving. It's simple! I can't cook like my mom! Why compete with her cooking, when she's more than happy and willing to cook for us.

I try so hard to cook my food so it'll taste like her food. I call and get advice and directions from her but it never turns out tasting like I want it to. This is not to say that the food I cook isn't's not bad if I must say so's just not like Moma's.

I'm very critical of the food I cook and it get me down when it doesn't taste like I was intending for it to taste. My poor boyfriend is my guinea pig and has to deal with my food plights. I always ask him how it tastes and if he likes it...and he's always very positive when he answers my questions because he knows how serious I am about my food tasting like my Moma's! Lol.

My mom always says the same thing when I tell her how disappointed I am when the food doesn't taste like hers. She says, "The more you try, the better it will get." The theory behind this is that each time I cook a dish I'll learn what I need to do the next time to help the food taste more like hers. I know over time the food will improve. It's a trial and error thing. I told my sister she better take a cooking internship from my Moma while she's at home because she'll be in the same boat I'm in a few months when her husband returns from Korea and they move away!!

So, here's what I made:

I cooked turkey wings for the first time (next time I'll add a little more seasoning and vinegar); I tried a new backed macaroni and cheese recipe (next time I'll use more salt and pepper); and I made potato salad for the first time (this was hard because I ONLY eat my Moma's potato salad; nobody can touch her potato salad, not even me :-). I also cooked string beans, rice and turkey gravy, turkey stuffing, and of course I had cranberry sauce (got to have the cranberry sauce!).

The spread I prepared for Thanksgiving was sufficient for the two of us. Yes, things would have been much better if we were able to go home, but we found ways to compensate. This spread was one way. You'll have to stay tuned to find out what activity we got into after Thanksgiving dinner!

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What do you love most about the holidays?
I love spending time with my loved ones; having a much needed break from work is always welcomed; and being able to relax, have a good time, and celebrate the holidays together always puts a smile on my face!

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  1. Everything on that plate looks delicious! I wish we celebrated thanksgiving here in Australia. Down under is definitely missing out on a great way to spend a day.
    Anna Czarina


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