Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NC State Fair

Look at that face!
Going to the State Fair has turned into something like a tradition for my family. I don't know what it is about being out in the Fall air, amongst thousands of people, around the smell of good "Fair food" that just puts you in good spirits...but it does!

I think we do a lot of things for the sake of my nephew. We like to take him out to different places and events so he can have as many experiences as we can possibly give him. As we all know, childhood doesn't last forever. My boyfriend and I constantly talk about each of our childhoods and how much fun we had "back in the day". The memories are the things that will last, even after the time has passed, so why not make as many as possible?!

My sister and goddaughter
The North Carolina State Fair isn't much to brag about compared to other states Fair's but I always enjoy the time with my family. This time we were even able to share the experience with my best friend and her family which made it even better!!

I hardly ever get on any of the rides. I have a few safety concerns with rides that are thrown up in a parking lot in a manner of hours. However, I will ride rides with my nephew...which are a little on the safer side since they're age specific (meaning they don't twist you upside down or swing you here and there).
My sis, nephew, & bf's husband
(having fun) I have this on video
...you should see it!!

My favorite part about the fair are the "Fair foods" - the blooming onions, the funnel cakes with strawberry toppings, and the chicken gyros that my mom and sister love so much! These foods aren't only available at the fair, but it's much more fun enjoying these foods in that atmosphere!

Speaking of good food, we were also able to fit in a trip to the mall and our favorite restaurant in Raleigh - Kanki (Japanese House of Steaks and Sushi). I love Asian food, but I'm very particular about it so I don't eat just anybody's Asian food. Kanki kicks it up a notch. We order the complete package each time we go which includes: a tossed salad (which I get with ginger dressing, yum!), Japanese soup (which is the best soup in the world; it's my goal to figure out how to make it at home), and an entrĂ©e of your choice (I usually get salmon). The entrees are cooked in front you and if the cook is a good one he'll put on a little show for the table. I'm sure we've all been to one of these restaurants. My nephew loves the show!

To make a long story short, with such a short visit
home I was excited to be able to fit the fair,
shopping, and good dining all in one trip! The Holiday Season
is quickly approaching and plans are uncertain.
It's good to have had that opportunity to be
with my family.

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