Thursday, November 7, 2013

My First Visit Home

Alright you all. I'm slowly trying making a comeback. I'm still without a functioning computer, but I'm trying my best to do what I can with what I have! I'm thinking I'll purchase a computer by Black Friday and if not then maybe for or after Christmas. So, keep your fingers crossed for me.

moved away from North Carolina on August 23rd and I was able to go back home for the first time on October 17th. For that (almost) 2 months, I really didn't feel like I'd been away from home that long. I wouldn't say I was homesick but I know a few people who would beg to differ. I can say that I definitely miss my family but phone calls, text messages, and facetime are a lifesaver!

If I had to describe the feeling I have here, I would say it's like being away at college. It's not the same because I went to a college that was only an hour and a half away from home. That was the farthest I've ever lived from home. Now, being 5 hours and some change away is a completely different ball game, but I can't tell much of a difference. The city I lived in before my move was only 30 minutes away from my hometown. I could pick up and go home at any time. I'd make a day or afternoon trip out of it. My mom worked literally 2 minutes down the road from me. I could see her whenever I wanted to!! So, there was comfort in knowing that my family was so easily accessible. Even though that's changed and life keeps me busy enough to be distracted from my previous reality, I try to continuously tell my mind that nothing has really changed. I think that's what keeps me from being homesick.

Initially, my visit home was supposed to be for my 10 year class reunion. At my school the class reunions are held during homecoming weekend. I don't know how everyone else felt about reunion, but I'd been looking forward to my class reunion since high school!! The class above us ended up cancelling their reunion (for whatever reason) so my class was determined to not let that be us. We were always better than them in our minds anyway so we couldn't 'go out' like they did! LOL. We knew our reunion would be bigger and better than anything they (or the class behind us) could do!! Unfortunately things didn't work out that way. Our reunion was canceled a few months ago (which is a long story in itself). Because of the cancellation, a lot of people didn't even bother with making plans to come home. At the last minute, a few classmates threw together a potluck, but at that point attendance for the reunion had already been confirmed or denied and I'm sure other people had made other plans by that point. The few of us who showed up anyway decided to try to get everyone together to plan a more sensible 15 year reunion. I want to kind of take credit for that idea because I threw it out there. I hope so much that it will come together, but morale for the 10 year started out with a lot of steam too so we'll just have to see.

Me, my mom, sister, and nephew always find ourselves at the homecoming game anyway so I still wanted to go home to spend time with my family and do the things we would usually do as if I was still there; and even though I had it in my mind that my first visit home would be for my class reunion, when it was canceled, I made plans with my family for a full weekend of I'm not mad!! :-) I also made plans to do other things that I so desperately needed done. Top of the list was scheduling a hair appointment!! If you guys have been following me, you know how much I needed that hair appointment! (Blog post about the hair appointment to come!) I also scheduled a checkup for my car. It was time for a checkup and my lifetime perks have to be redeemed at the dealership I bought the car from, so I plan on taking full advantage of that. It doesn't help that the streets of DC are so mean to my baby!! I had to make sure she was still in tip top condition!

My family and I made plans to go to the NC State Fair (coincidentally named Homecoming this year)...along with plans to do some good shopping and good eating while we were in the city. Going to the State Fair has become kind of like a little family tradition for us. So, amongst the bad news about the class reunion cancellation I was excited when I found out that the State Fair was during the weekend I'd be home. (Blog post about the State Fair and the trip to Raleigh to come!)

So outside spending time with my family. I was able to see some of my friends. My best friend was planning on making the trip home for the reunion, but...again with the cancellation...she changed her mind. However, we were able to meet up at the State Fair since she lives so close to the fairgrounds. I was also able to see another good friend from high school who had already made arrangements to come home prior to the cancellation. Although, I was looking forward to seeing ALL my friends, I understood why they would cancel their plans to come home. I have one of those hometowns that you don't exactly visit unless you have a real reason to go back!!

While I was home I got the chance to run a few errands before returning Sunday night. Running errands here and running errands there are two completely different things. I saved all my errands up just so I could do them when I got home. It's much easier getting from Point A to Point B in my hometown.

But to wind this summary up, I wish I wasn't so far away from home, but I am. I am thoroughly enjoying the city and wouldn't trade it for living back home even if you paid me!! I was busy every single second of the three days I was home, but the trip still rejuvenated me. I'm not sure what I'll be doing for the holidays but I have a feeling I need to figure that out really soon!!

Be on the lookout for the posts to come!

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