Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Fun

I'm still trying to catch my breath from the July 4th Holiday weekend so 'let me explain' what I did!

Since July 4th fell on a Thursday, it was classified as a floating holiday by my job. This means we get the day after the holiday off too! Soooo, I had a four day weekend!

To celebrate Independence Day, I wanted to see the fireworks at the Reflecting Pool in Washington, DC. Although my boyfriend knew how much of a madhouse this would be, he kindly obliged. We had been out enjoying the beautiful day and we even caught the new Kevin Hart movie, Let Me Explain (it was hilarious...a must see if you like that kind of thing). I guess time really does fly when you're having fun because time for the fireworks snuck up on us both. We ended up not being able to get as close as we wanted (due to lack of legal parking), but we found an ideal spot. We camped out on the side of I-95 South alongside the Pentagon with a whole host of other folks who couldn't get close enough either!

In the lower left hand corner of the fireworks picture, you can see an airplane flying through the fireworks. Along with that, I got a chance to see fireworks I'd never seen before...and I've seen my fair share of fireworks!

Needless to say, going to see the fireworks was great...but WE WILL get to see those fireworks closer up within the next few years to come.
Part two of this adventurous weekend, involved one of my favorite pastimes...AMUSEMENT PARKS!!

My boyfriend and I planned a trip to King's Dominion a couple of weekends ago. Unfortunately, the trip was pushed back and rescheduled for the July 4th weekend! First thing I thought was, "it's going to be packed out there!!" and I'm assuming my boyfriend was thinking the same thing because he put together a flawless plan.

Did I mention how much I love amusement parks? If I didn't mention that, at least let me make sure to mention how much I LOVE King's Dominion. The way this trip turned out will probably change the way I approach amusement parks from here on a good way!

We woke up at a pretty decent time (it wasn't too early) and we arrived at King's Dominion before the park opened. We got there so early the parking lot wasn't even open!! I can say one thing...I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the opening operations of this theme park.

1st in line!
Once the parking lot attendees took their stations and opened the gates, we were able to park at the very front of the park by the admissions gate and be first in line! I've never experienced this before so I was amazed at how empty everything was!

We stood in line for about 30 minutes waiting for the park attendants to get themselves together! This allowed time to make sure we had our game plan together; we mapped out the first three roller coasters and what path through the park we were taking to get to 'em! The original plan was to get on The Intimidator, the Volcano, & Flight of Fear. The lines for these rides are usually the most ridiculous so we wanted to cut out the hour-long wait times and get to these coasters as soon as the park opened! These rides would guarantee us the most bang for our buck!

I know it's a bit off centered,
but you get the picture!
The park was EMPTY!
Not a soul in sight!!
However, once we got inside we learned that King's Dominion had a different plan for us. They had the portion of the park, which held the rides we wanted to get on, blocked off (if I'm remembering correctly it was blocked off for season pass holders...but I might be making that up). We had 30 minutes to kill until we were going to be able to get to the ride we most wanted to get on (The Intimidator 305)...seen below

We ended up riding The Dominator first. We waited in line for about 15 minutes. After that, they finally decided to open the whole park. The first ride we ended up getting on was the Volcano! We chose to get on this coaster first because one of the part attendants told us that this ride always has the longest wait time.

If you don't know, upon take off the Volcano reaches a speed of 70 miles per preparation!! You will break your neck if you're not ready!! We stood in this line for about 5 minutes. To give you something to compare it to...the last time I stood in line for this ride, we waited for about 2 hours to get on this ride (which only lasts 1 minute and 10 seconds!) After this visit, I've deemed the Volcano as my favorite roller coaster at King's Dominion.

We finally made our way to the Intimidator. This roller coaster is very exciting!! It stands 305 feet tall and goes 90 mph!! Because this coaster goes so fast, you can't help but "grey out" (which is our version of almost blacking out) from the G-force. We got right onto this coaster with no wait!! That in itself is a amazing! The wait for this ride was so slim, we rode it 3 times! It's a cool ride, but there's something about the Volcano that makes it a bit more interesting. We hit some of the other coasters in the park, with minimal to no wait times...and we were tuckered out by noon!

It was time to hit the water park. We all needed to cool down and rest a bit. We spent a couple of hours riding water rides and wading in the wave pool. It was so hot that the water wasn't even cold y'all. I was a bit disappointed, but being in the water was a relief from this very hot day.

The temperature for this day was 89 degrees, with nary a cloud in the sky!! Now, this might not sound like much, but this was a definite change from how the weather has been lately. It has seriously rained about three weeks straight here. I also abhor sweating, but I knew going in that I would be sweating so I mentally prepared and sucked it up.

I got about two shades darker out there and I think my tan is beautiful!!!!

So thanks boyfriend...I appreciate the wonderful time

& Cheers to a wonderful July 4th Holiday :-)

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  1. Believe it or not, my only fireworks have been seen at high school graduations, and I'm a fraidy cat for amusement parks. Well, I do ride on roller coasters that don't go upside down. lol What I really enjoy are the 4D animated events. Glad you had a wonderful long weekend. :-)

    1. You've got to see some more fireworks, Libby!! July 4th sounds like a perfect enough time for you to get out there and see some things!! And to be honest, I can't relate to being afraid of amusement parks. One of the girls that was with us didn't get on any of the roller coasters!! I was like "WHAT?!". Amusement parks can get expensive...and I'll be dag on if I'm not going to get on almost everything I can before I leave the park!!

      But yes, I did enjoy myself. Need more times like these!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. OMG! You sound like you had a blast that weekend. Question: The reflection pool construction is over?!? When Mario and I went back in 2011 there was no water in it and I was very disappointed. I miss Kings Dominion and I can't wait for my child(ren) to get to that age where we can take them and ride on the roller coasters. I hope I'm still into them by then, lol! I need to plan out my park trips like y'all!!!

    1. I did have blast...and yes, the reflection pool is open. In this post ( I actually have a picture of it. That was the first time I'd seen it since it reopened.

      You know what I remember. That time we went to KD for a band trip and there were no lines in the park then either. We rode Avalanche like 10 times!! LOL. And yes, taking the kids to an amusement park is definitely a must!


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