Friday, June 7, 2013

It's That Season

I've been in training for work all week. Today, the people in charge of the training came into the room to inform the trainer that they've made some executive decisions. They later let us in on what was going on. Due to Tropical Storm Andrea, they decided to significantly shorten our lunch for the day so we could leave 2 hours early and they canceled the training for tomorrow. I was sitting in my chair so confused!!

I love going to trainings. Any time I get to spend away from my office is heaven for me. I've discovered that I work best when I'm out and about. I worked out in the community at my previous job and got super spoiled [I like freedom. I recently realized I have a slight problem with authority - nothing major, there are just certain types of authority (real or imagined) that I abhor]. As I was flipping through channels the night before I caught a glimpse of the weather man talking about the tropical storm, but I saw something similar to this (^^^) on my TV.

Once I saw the storm was going to affect Florida, I turned and forgot all about it. So when I learned this was the reason they were canceling training, I had to do some research! After doing my research I found out that the storm was supposed to go through Florida to get to us...looking something like this

Growing up in North Carolina we learned that we will always get numerous tropical storms and hurricanes threatening us because NC juts out into the ocean. AND it never fails...we get a lot of watches and warnings every year. Having to experience this every year of my life definitely attributed to the fear I mentioned in #19 of this post. I wasn't surprised after seeing the second picture nor was I surprised to see the forecast, which reads: 100% chance of a steady, heavy rain; 1 to 2 inches of rain expected; tropical storm conditions likely; windy at 25 to 35 mph; high 78F. This forecast sparks a completely different conversation.

I'm at odds with meteorologists at the current moment. They've been more wrong than right lately and I'm not understanding how this is possible. With the advanced technology they have, why are you being more inaccurate now than you've been in the past with less technology? *confused face* I have more luck predicting the weather based on what it looks like outside when I wake up in the morning than I've had with weather men. I've said all that to say this...if this is what they think will happen, fine. I'm aware of their prediction. However, I will not base my weekend plans off this.

(This post will show up on Friday, but it's being written on Thursday.) I'll see what things look like tomorrow. Even if the meteorologists are right about this one, I still will not trust their predictions any farther than I can throw them!!!!!


Have a good weekend y'all!!

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