Sunday, March 24, 2013

THE WALKING DEAD! (Spoiler Alert)

I know I said I would resume posts tomorrow, but this show is amazing and I love it!!! I had to post about it.
  1. I want The Governor TO DIE!!
  2. Even though I don't like Merle, he was starting to gain some cred (credit). I'm glad he didn't kill Michonne or take her to the Governor...but he didn't have to go out like that!! I was sure Dale was going to save him :-/
  3. I want The Governor TO DIE!!
  4. How honorable is it that Glenn asked Maggie to marry him?! There are zombies all around them and everybody's just trying to survive...and he wants her to know that he loves her that much before they both meet their demise...tear...I can't take it!! Glenn, you've got my vote buddy!
  5. Daryl, nooooo...don't cry!! He (Merle) was pig headed. He should have listened.
  6. The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse Week starts tomorrow at 8! They are going to show every episode from Season 1 to Season 3 leading up to the Season Finale. Y'all better get ready!!
  7. And did I mention I want The Governor TO DIE!!! :-)
Who watches The Walking Dead?? And who is excited about this besides me??

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  1. I didn't want Merle to die either. I felt so bad for Daryl.

    And how big was that rock that Glenn picked out. lol Maggie is a lucky lady.

    1. Yes Tranae!! 1. Poor Merle to have survived all he survived to die now! At least he went out fighting. And 2., love will make you go out and spend 3 months worth on a rock like that...or go break some zombie fingers for it...LOL!

      I know this is based off of a comic book and I've heard The Governor plays a major part in the comic book, so the likelihood of him dying is slim. I don't want to know anymore than that!!

      I don't like reading books before movies come out because I feel it ruins the movie/show. So I like not knowing what happens next!!

      We'll all just have to tune in next week!

  2. When I saw this post come up in my Blogger Dashboard, I knew I had to avoid your blog until I got all caught up.

    I'm all caught up now and all I have to say is.. WHOA!

    Okay, I lied. That's not all I had to say.

    I totally agree with you about wanting the Governor to die. He's an ass. Plain and simple.

    I'm glad Merle redeemed himself at the end. But, I'll be honest, I felt like he had to go. He was holding everyone back and playing too many mind games. At least he gained some credit first.

    When Darryl found him and started crying, I started crying too. Maybe I'm just a big baby, or maybe I'm just so into this show that it's almost like I'm right there with them (which, for the record, I'm glad I'm not. Life without a ZA, SO much better!).

    I'm so excited for next week but I'm sad that the season is coming to an end. :(

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. GREAT! Another fellow watcher!
      I guess you're right about Merle. At least they let him redeem himself because he has been a butthole since this thing started. Speaking of the start, this show has come a very long way...and you can't possibly watch without feeling like you're there. I'm glad we're not...but still! I get so literal when I think about their situation. Like, we hardly ever see them eating, where are they showering?, how is this baby still alive? (and even more questions that aren't too appropriate for my
      Daryl is definitely my fave...and I'm sorry his brother had to go, but now that he's gone, I hope Daryl can flourish! Merle was definitely holding him back.
      I probably will miss the finale. I will have to avoid everyone until I can watch it, but I hope it's a good one!!


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