Thursday, March 14, 2013

Claiming My Blog


I'm sure you've all heard the news, so I refuse to reiterate. I am very reluctant to do this as I'm skeptical of change. You all know that I'm in the midst of trying to reclaim my time while knocking out the numerous tasks that have piled up in my life. NOW, on top of all of that, I have to figure out Bloglovin!

On a more positive note, the good thing about this is it'll help me reorganize my blog sites by forcing me to go through the blogs I'm following. I'll be able to weed out the blogs I actually enjoy from the blogs I followed while trying to win stuff or followed due to blog hopping. I'll continue to use Blogger while it's still! I haven't quite had the time to invest in seeing what Bloglovin is all about, so I can't judege too much, but I figured I better go on ahead and claim my spot.

I'm not too worried about GFC going away. While I hope it doesn't, I have confidence in a good number of my readers who actually read my posts. I'll pick a small number of followers who read my posts over a large number of followers who don't!

So, we're all going through this together and I really appreciate you guys for bearing with me during this time (while I get myself together)!! Let's give this thing a shot....

...I guess now is a better time than any

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  1. following Ma'am! i also replied to your are a trip!! GET YO LIFE!!!

    1. LOL...thanks for following!!...and you know what it is! ;-)

  2. Already imported stuff from Google Reader to Bloglovin. :-) I hope GFC won't be affected.

    1. I didn't, but I'm hoping this won't affect anything. I don't know if importing means that it will bring all my blog posts over or what, but I would hope that my followers would visit my blog site for that!

      If not, I might need to invest some time into doing it.

  3. I saw you were following me on bloglovin so I added you back!

  4. This is why you are my best friend! Smart, quick, efficient! I love it!!!


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