Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Is Incredible!

I want to share two incredible things tonight. Two of my favorite artists have come out of hiding! Let's get started!!

Started From The Bottom - Drake

This young man is on my list of favorites! THIS SONG GETS ME SO HYPE!! I just listened to his last album "Take Care" the other day. Then he drops this on 'em. Now, I heard the song and loved it off gate, then he puts this video out....OH MAN! If this song doesn't make you want to get up out of your seat, I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL!! I actually think this song may become my new theme song. You know that music that plays when you enter a room in slow music...yeah, this is mine!

Here's to one of my favorites!

Drake, don't let me down with this next album
("Nothing Was The Same" - I LOVE IT ALREADY)!!

One of your biggest fans!

Yours Truly - J. Cole

J. Cole, my man, where have you been?!?! I know you are diligently working on that album, but we've missed you! I certainly appreciate you putting something out for your people...we've been waiting. This guy is definitely one of my favorite artists as well. I love J. Cole because I feel like I can truly relate to his story. We share so many similarities, it's hard not to love his songs. He's from NC - me too. We grew up a few hours from each other. He's my classmate; he's my age, graduated high school in 2003 and college in 2007 - me too. He's rapped a lot about how he's grown up, made it out of a town where most people don't, to get through college and have to worry about how to pay student loans off - me too! I mean, when you've felt what somebody else has felt, you can understand their story. It helps you feel like there's somebody out there who really understands your story like you do.

Music is so much more than just feel good noise coming out of your speakers that makes you want to dance. While I definitely enjoy those songs too (see above...lol), sometimes you just need to zone out to something 1. from and educated artist, 2. that sounds good, 3. is lyrically put together well, and 4. is a good/true story. The radio doesn't really play that kind of music because that's not what's popular and that's not what people prefer to hear; but that definitely needs to change.

OKAY! Off my soapbox. I hope you guys enjoy this music...because I CERTAINLY DO!


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