Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Morning Coffee

Good Morning Y'all!

This is actually how I feel when this opportunity arises!
It's Saturday morning!! Usually Saturday is the ONLY day during my week that I get to sleep as late as I want...and I treasure that a lot (you can ask anybody who wants me to do anything with or for them on Saturday However, things rarely work out that way.

Last Friday night/Saturday morning, I slept for 12 HOURS and I loved every minute of it!! I woke up rejuvenated!

Today, it's also raining cats and dogs. I hate rainy days...or any day that includes any kind of precipitation (see here for a blurb on that). I don't dislike rain, or snow, itself...I dislike having to be out in it!!

Today, I have a short to do list of things I have to do and things that I probably should be doing.

1. I have a meeting at church to go to, which is fine. I wish it could have been a little later in the day (so I could sleep in more), but I guess the general consensus is...get the meeting over early so you have the rest of your Saturday to do whatever else you need to do.

2. I need to get my car serviced and do some research on AAA, since I'll be driving all around the United States this week. I love being proactive, especially concerning my car. I always have been and I think that's played a factor in me having my car for 8 years with no major issues. I had to learn the hard way about traveling long distances unprepared (per se; maybe I should write a post about's really an unbelievable story).

3. I really need to go to the gym. My gym routine was recently thrown off for two weeks when I got my natural hair straightened (read about that adventure here). Getting any type of moisture on my straightened hair would have turned my hair into a puff ball!! LOL. I sweat in my head very badly, so I had to nix the gym for 2 weeks. Now that my hair is not straightened anymore, I have to get back into the routine of going like I was pre-straightened hair. I have to get my body back to where it was. Before straight hair, I was leg pressing 190 pounds, easy! I'm currently working my body back up to the weight sizes I was using before. I'm up to about 180, which is pretty good, but I want to be back to where I was. The name of the this workout picture is curvy girl leg press. I got a kick out of that because one of the many reasons I work out is to define certain areas of my body. I definitely want to be an in-shape curvy girl!! :-)

BUT, it's a rainy Saturday!!! Who wants to do any of that, right?!
What are your plans for today??
What do you do on rainy days/weekends??

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  1. I have to admit that I really, really slept in today. "Blame it on the rain..." (LOL) I've just been working on some videos of my craft room makeover project and working a little in my craft room. It's been a bit of a lazy day for me.

    1. LOLOL @ blame it on the rain! We've definitely got to take advantage of these lazy days. There's nothing wrong with that!! Work on your craft girl! I must admit. I was happy when all the car places were too full to take my car, I was so ready to get home!! I've been blogging ALL DAY and I don't feel bad about it!!


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