Friday, February 8, 2013

Michael Kors' Watch Giveaway!


Now, I just wrote a post about how excited giveaways make me! Lol. I consider myself a very big fan of Michael Kors...purses, shoes, you name it!!! My CB put me onto the watches and ever since then, I've been hooked!

When I saw this giveaway on *Newlywed Moments* I could have flipped my lid! I really perked up when I ran across this exciting giveaway, so I'm trying my best to complete all the steps.

I took a stand a couple of years ago saying I would never get a Twitter account. So far, I've stuck to my guns. Not having a Twitter account really sucks doing these giveaways It definitely holds me back from receiving the maximum number of points...and since I don't quite understand how the whole point system plays into winning, I still don't think it's enough to get a Twitter account just yet.

Nevertheless, I will do all I can to get that silver watch you see. That bad boy is HOT! I would dress it up nicely. I can see it sitting on my arm right now!! If you're interested in this giveaway (or the Kitchen Aid giveaway in the previous post), you should really try one (visit *Newlywed Moments* or Northern Belle Diaries to enter)! It's so much fun!!



  1. OK, so we must be related girl, Lol!!! I LOVE Michael Kors too. I really try not to be a "BRAND" chaser, but his stuff is just so freaking nice. I really enjoy his design (my husband really doesn't understand my it though, lol) I almost purchased that silver watch at the exchange a few months back, but I decided not to because I had just got a watch the month prior… a girl has got to stick to the budget-Ha! Anyway, I'm SOOOO GLAD i found your site. Hope you visit me sometimes- xoxo

    Maya D

    1. We do sound like distant cousins!! I'm not one for brands either. I'm not one for brands either. I never have been. But the older I get, the more appealing certain things are becoming. I remember Michael Kors from Project Runway back in the day. I don't know why he's all of a sudden so popular, but he has very nice things!

      Anyway, maybe it's a good thing you didn't buy the watch. You might WIN one!! GOOD LUCK!...and thanks for following me!!


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