Saturday, February 16, 2013

J. Cole

So, J. Cole put out his first single and I must admit...I am very impressed, much more impressed than the Yours Truly EP that dropped earlier in the week. If this is what the album will be like, I think I can rest a little bit better with this. I will get the album either way, good or I prefer good!

As fans, we want to see our favorite artists grow, so of course we want to continuously hear music that's better than the last thing they put out. I think artists have it harder these days with all this social media. Singles travel much quicker because it, albums get played out much quicker because of it, so artists are forced to put out much more music than the artists of the past. I give these men and women a hand clap. I guess that's why you find something you enjoy doing so it doesn't seem like work.

I've got my eyes, and ears, on you J. Cole. Nice work. You've had more than enough time to put together a good album, so that's exactly what I'm expecting.

Good Job

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