Friday, February 15, 2013

Harlem Shake

My little sister keeps me young and hip. Today she sent me a YouTube video of the Harlem Shake.

I feel sooo "not cool" and "old" when I find out about things like this; like every time I come in on something like this, I'm on the tail end of it; like everyone has known about it for months and I'm just now finding out about it! For instance, I didn't find out about Gangnam Style until months after that whole thing started, but a lot of people didn't know about that one (because I asked) so I don't feel so bad about that one.

Thanks to my sister,  I think I'm on the front end of this one. It looks like it would be so much fun to put one of these together with a good group of people. If you carefully look at each and every person in these dance mobs, I'm pretty sure you will find at least one person in each scene that will make you laugh hysterically!!

My sister currently goes to my Alma Mater (the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!!), so she forwarded me the one they to represent the home team!!

There are millions of these videos. If you're ever bored and need a laugh, check them out!



  1. Hi Mionna! Thanks for stopping by, linking up and following! I'm your newest GFC follower :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for following me back, Paula...and thanks again for hosting the blog hop! I have so much fun with those!! See you next week!

  2. the Harlem shake? i thought that was out years ago with P. Diddy. im lost!


    1. I thought the EXACT same thing when my sister sent me the link! I pushed play and I did not see what I was expecting to see..LOL. After I watched a couple of the videos, I understood that this is something totally I couldn't get enough!!


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