Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

I've seen this on a few blogs now and have decided to give it a try! Friday's Letters, from what I gather and for what I will be using them for, are letters thanking people/things for things they've done during the week. They're also kind of like a rundown of things that have happened that week. So let's get it!

2.8.13 through 2.15.13
Dear God,
Things have definitely been tough emotionally for me lately. Thank You for always being there for me. Thank You for Your Word. You've blessed me in so many ways. I'm working on getting back into my routine and infusing you throughout my daily routines more. Please, give me strength! Thank You for my life and thank You for taking care of me!
Dear Moma,
Thank you so much for all you've been to me. I'm happy to have spent your birthday with you and I thank you for spending time with me Saturday. Even though I was super exhausted (sorry) I had a great time with you. I know it's not much, but I hope you enjoy the gifts! I love you and I look forward to spending time with you soon!

Dear Nicole,
Thanks so much for coming to visit! With both us being so busy, I completely understand how hard it is to find time to get together, relax, and do nothing! I had a blast staying up half the night with both you and Maddie, but we definitely need a whole weekend. We can't squeeze fun into one night!! I'm soo looking forward to our Mrs. Carter event!

Dear Ruzzle Opponents,
Thanks for being there when I have a few seconds. Even though you guys forget about our games from time to time, I won't complain. As addictive as the game is, I know we all have lives. But, when I'm looking for time filler...thanks for being there!

Dear [Word Hero],
Thank you for preparing me to whoop butt in Ruzzle. Because of you, and the months you kept me up late at night playing you, I'm a beast at Ruzzle. THANKS!

Dear Eden,
Thanks for buying our Beyonce’ concert tickets! I'm too excited. A ladies weekend is definitely needed and it's a win-win that we’ll be getting able to see Beyonce too!

Dear Coworker,
You’re always so encouraging whenever I see you. Out of everyone in our “class” you’re the only one that keeps up with everybody. You always bring the positivity no matter what the conversation and I appreciate that.

Dear CB,
I’ma keep this short because you know how long-winded I can get when talking to and about you. Thank you for listening to me and for being my sounding board. I miss you like crazy, but you already know that. Your advice and words hold much weight and that is why I’m thanking you this week!!

I think this will be a very therapeutic process for me. I'm forced to look at things I'm thankful for as opposed to focusing on the negative! I'm forced to be appreciative for people and things in my life that bring me joy. And, I can watch myself grow!!

What are you thankful for this week?
(If you do a Friday's Letters, let me know so I can visit and check it out!!)


What are you thoughts?!

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