Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6 Black History Note

My Moma!!

Today is one day of my best days in history. On this day, back in time, my mother was born!!! This is definitely black history for me. Without her, there would be no me. I have had this lady in my life since before day 1. I love her so much, words can't even express. I think back to all she's done for me, all the things she's told me, the things she's shown me...and I can't express enough gratitude. I would be here writing all night if I had to talk about everything my Moma has done for me and how much she means to me. I thank God for her, I love her, and I'm grateful/greatful (I always fight with myself about the spelling of this word) for the woman she's made me.

So God, Grandma, (and my sister) THANK YOU!


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