Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fino (sounds like Nino)

I have a Betta fish. His name is Fino (after my dog Nino Brown - I Miss You!!). I've had my fish since October 2011. He has his own little personality and I enjoy him very much.

When I first got him, I did research to find out information about Betta fish. Betta fish are known for a lot of things. They are freshwater fish who can live in a fish bowl with nothing more than water! I learned Betta fish have stomachs the size of their eye. Some sources say to feed them about 1 or 2 pellets of food anywhere from once a day to once every other day.

I like for my pets to have boundaries but be comfortable at the same time. Some call my pets "spoiled" but I beg to differ. And yes, Fino is only a fish, but you have to be firm with when asserting I bought a .95 ounce container of food when I bought Fino over a year ago. I feed him on a consistent basis, but his portions are so small that his food container is still very full.

I'd say that I overfeed Fino. I do this to account for days/weekends when I'm out of town and for days that I'm so busy with life that I forget to do it!! Still, I had to set some boundaries. I feed him one pellet at a time. I used to feed him 5 pellets, but now he's down to 4. Whenever he's hungry he'll let me know. In the same respect he'll let me know when he's not hungry by not going after the pellet when I drop it or by spitting the pellet out. My rule is...if he spits pellets out, I'm reducing the number of pellets I feed him. That's exactly how he went from getting 5 pellets to 4 pellets. I must admit, there are days when I want to throw that extra pellet in there, but I refrain.

Tonight, Fino spit out a piece of food...SMH...and I've said all this to say! "You're floating on thin ice buddy!! Spit out one more piece of food if you want to! (Just as I say to myself), nobody has time to throw food away these days!"

P.S. - I know his water is low. I was about to clean the tank and figured I would get a shot, since he was posing all pretty P.P.S - Other information about Betta fish: Because all they need is water (no oxygen pumps or filters) and they don't have to be fed daily, these fish make great office pets. Betta fish are also known as (Siamese) fighting fish because they are very unfriendly with other fish and it's suggested to be housed in a fish tank by alone (if you catch my drift).

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